Will Kosovo Also Be Sacrificed to the Serbs?

Thank you for the article ``Balkan Dominoes Could Tumble Back on Serbia Province,'' Dec. 13. The article made me feel as if I were sharing my concerns for the right to self-determination with my fellow brothers. It has been a long time since I have read an article about Kosovo.

It has already been predicted that the next flare-up in the Balkans - an explosive region - would involve the Albanians, the expected flash point being Kosovo, the Serbian-occupied region with a population 95 percent ethnic Albanian.

A ``quiet ethnic cleansing'' of Albanians has been under way in Kosovo. Nevertheless the world's hesitation and silence go on, as Serbia plunders. Because of the Serbs' current stronghold in Kosovo, there has been no need to spark an open conflict in that region, as in Bosnia or Croatia. They have already occupied Kosovo with scattered military checkpoints.

The leader of Kosovo, Ibrahim Rugova, is trying very hard to solve Kosovo's crisis by peaceful means, but time seems to be running out. The unarmed Albanian population is about to revolt. A failure to stop the Serbian aggression will most likely mean a greater war. Kosovo must not be sacrificed as Bosnia has been. It must survive as an independent country. It's time to deliver justice toward the Balkan nations. Ilber H. Gashi, Chicago

Paying for `free assembly'

I found the opinion-page article ``Caucus Cuts Deny Free Assembly,'' Dec. 23, fascinating. If I follow the author's arguments correctly, shouldn't we be paying for National Rifle Association memberships for gun owners so as not to reduce their ability to ``engage in effective ongoing political organization''? And by applying those same arguments to the Second Amendment, clearly we should subsidize gun ownership so as not to discourage the right to keep and bear arms. Dustin Harris, Sonoma, Calif.

Paying for `free assembly'

The article on caucus cuts displays exactly the type of liberal arrogance that the voters so soundly rejected in November.

The author's contention that the right of free assembly is somehow infringed by denying tax dollars for partisan purposes is almost as spurious as his statement that ``LSOs don't cost taxpayers money.'' Where, if not from taxpayers' pockets, do congressional members obtain their office operating budgets? John Goekler, Lopez Island, Wash.

Stop the pigeon shoots

The article ``The Great Pigeon Rescue,'' Nov. 29, was a welcome counterpoint to a scene that I have witnessed far too often.

For several years, The Fund for Animals has been campaigning to end captive pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania. In these barbaric spectacles as many as 5,000 pigeons are released in a single day. Only a few of these birds escape. Some are killed outright, but most are wounded and die gradually. The injured birds that fall within the shooting area have their heads pulled off by ``trapper boys,'' young children whose job is to clear the area of dead and wounded pigeons.

I hope Pennsylvanians read your story and are touched by its message. Heidi Prescott, New York, The Fund For Animals Inc.

Carter a rare peacekeeper

This is in regard to the editorial ``Carter in Bosnia,'' and the repulsive political cartoon [``Mr. Karadzic says, after this is over, he would love to teach your Sunday school class.''] Dec. 20.

Do you recognize a fellow American Christian who is a widely acknowledged international peacekeeper? Such people are few and far between; we should support, not disparage and distort their efforts, even though they are not diplomatically sophisticated. Henry C. Fitpatrick, North Plymouth, Mass.

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