Higher staff turnover expected for 1995

IF data-processing firms want to avoid high staff turnover, they may have to increase incentive compensation, an industry-salaries survey finds.

In 1994, the turnover of computer programmers and other data-processing professionals jumped to double-digit levels, according to the survey by Edward Perlin Associates, a New York-based consulting firm.

Rising turnover is indicative of a competitive environment for personnel not seen since the mid-1980s and a strong economy.

Companies that don't reconfigure their compensation packages may find staff shortages occurring in 1995 and will have to go through the long, costly process of replacing personnel.

The response to date, says Perlin Associates consultant John Warlikowski, is that ``companies are increasing the eligibility for incentive compensation to include lower grades and positions.'' Entry-level computer programmers had salaries ranging from $26,00 to $41,000 in 1994.

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