It's Not What You Show, It's How You Show It

IN the world of fashion and food photography, Melanie Stetson Freeman says, ``The trick is to make the mundane come alive.''

Whether taking pictures of stuffed shirts or stuffed grape leaves, often it's not the subject but how you treat it that counts. Background and color, unusual context or angle, contrasting light and shadow, shape and texture - all come into play.

A good photographer can make a box of buttons or even a pat of butter look appealing.

The goal is to make page surfers pause long enough to engage their curiosity, become inspired, or maybe hungry enough to try a recipe.

On this page, away from the photos of breaking news and world crisis, the color, beauty, and simplicity of the mundane are gathered together like a feast. What Ms. Freeman's 1994 feature-page photos ask of readers is to take a longer look, not for information but for delight.

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