* Boston's pilot schools represent a range of philosophies and purposes, from the Lyndon elementary school to an evening school for high school students who hold day jobs. With the exception of the Boston Arts Academy, which has been granted a postponement to allow for the refitting of buildings to accommodate the performing arts, all are scheduled to open next fall.

Boston Arts Academy: High school students will concentrate on the performing arts, including dance, music, and theater.

Downtown Evening Academy: A school to serve high school students who are already in the work force.

Fenway Middle College High School: An existing program that will get pilot status. It stresses a school-to-work curriculum and community service.

Health Careers Academy: An expansion of a current program. It serves students interested in health-care professions.

Patrick F. Lyndon Elementary School: Kindergarten through fifth grade eventually, it'll focus on team teaching, parental involvement, learning themes.

Young Achievers Science and Mathematics School: An elementary and eventually middle-school program to prepare students for high schools in the city that already emphasize science and math.

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