Prop 187: quick fix to big problem

I am writing in response to the numerous articles and editorials written on the immigration problem. Specifically, I would like to address the recent vote on California's Proposition 187.

Few seem to know or care what Prop. 187 really says or means. People around me comment, ``Something has to be done about the immigration problem.'' Is Prop. 187 that ``something''? Since when have quick fixes solved any long-term problems? Is this the new attitude of democracy?

Most who illegally immigrate here, do it out of economic or political pressure. We hire them to do our dirty work, pay them low wages, and yet we want to deny them an education and medical help. If action needs to be taken, it is with those who do the hiring.

We are a country based on fairness. Prop. 187 is not fair. Ida Gearon, Bell Canyon, Calif.

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