After Recount In Alaska Knowles Is Governor

DEMOCRAT Tony Knowles' victory in the governor's race was confirmed by a three-day recount that ended Saturday.

Mr. Knowles lost 47 votes but still came out ahead of Republican challenger Jim Campbell. The recount gave Knowles 87,693 votes to Campbell's 87,157 votes, a lead of 536. ``It's another Knowles landslide,'' a lighthearted governor-elect said after hearing the results.

Knowles was first declared the winner Nov. 18 following a count of about 20,000 absentee and questioned ballots. He will be sworn in at a ceremony in Juneau today, and move into the governor's mansion. Knowles is taking over from Gov. Walter J. Hickel, who did not seek another term.

Another Kennedy?

FAMILY ties may not be enough to ensure Patrick Kennedy's congressional career is a successful one, but they sure didn't hurt him during last week's introductory tour of Capitol Hill.

The 27-year-old Democrat, the youngest child of Sen. Edward Kennedy (D) of Massachusetts, spent some of his time during freshmen orientation lobbying one of the House's most powerful Democrats for a seat on the Armed Services Committee.

``He has talked to Gephardt quite a bit about it,'' said Larry Berman, Kennedy's press secretary, referring to House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt of Missouri. ``Patrick's been lobbying him rather heavily.''

If Kennedy wins the coveted seat - assignments are to be decided later this month - he would replace Rep. Ronald Machtley, the Rhode Island Republican who served on the committee and retired from Congress to mount an unsuccessful gubernatorial bid.

Harvard gets funds for S. A. studies

DAVID ROCKEFELLER is giving $11 million to set up a center for Latin American studies at Harvard University, the school announced Saturday.

The center will be named for Mr. Rockefeller, who is an alumnus, a former trustee, and the retired chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank. With the region's economies stablilizing, trade opening up, and anti-Americanism declining, this is the ideal time for Harvard to bolster its Latin American studies program, Rockefeller said.

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