The Bushes haven't lost their touch for politics. One brother, George, soundly defeated incumbent Gov. Ann Richards (D) of Texas, while another, Jeb, nearly unseated the never-defeated Democratic Gov. Lawton Chiles of Florida.

Governor-elect George W. Bush, only the second Republican to win that office in 120 years, attributed victory to his ``burning desire'' to make changes in education, juvenile justice, and welfare. Exit polls around the state confirmed that those issues were on the minds of voters.

But election analysts cite many other factors. The GOP has been on the rise in Texas for 14 years, thanks to an influx of Republicans from other states and to the ongoing defection of conservative Democrats. Richards alienated many conservatives with her pro-choice and anti-gun stands. Of no value to Richards was her endorsement by Ross Perot. More than half of the voters who backed his 1992 presidential bid ignored him and voted for Bush.

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