Clinton Seeks Global Trade Hat Trick

TO hear the White House tell it, President Clinton is poised to score a triple trade triumph over the next month. He has announced new initiatives to tap into fast-growing Asian and Latin American markets and expects to win congressional approval of a new world trade agreement.

A ballooning $147 billion deficit has stirred up new protectionist pressures. It is cited as one of the reasons the administration will struggle, when Congress returns on Nov. 29, to pass a new 123-nation trade agreement to create the World Trade Organzation, an upgraded version of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.

Clinton will attend summit meetings, first in Indonesia and then in Miami, where on Dec. 9-11 he will host a gathering of Western Hemisphere leaders. New PC for '90s

FOR more than a decade, the first thing people considered in buying a personal computer was whether it was an Apple or IBM-compatible. Maybe no longer. Apple Computer Inc. and IBM were expected to announce yesterday a common PC standard for the late '90s. The PCs will be run by the PowerPC microprocessor co-developed with Motorola, rather than the current standard, the IBM-compatible run by an Intel Corp. microprocessor and Microsoft software.

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