National Geographic World has articles on archaeology, the environment, geography, outdoor sports, science and technology. Circulation: 1 million. Sample: Free upon request. Cost: $14.95 per year (12 issues). That includes junior membership in the National Geographic Society. National Geographic World, P.O. Box 2174, Washington, D.C., 20013.

Money For Kids. Articles with a ``stay-in-school, stay-out-of-trouble message'' on careers by such people as Whoopi Goldberg and football star Derrick Thomas. Cost: Free (published once a year, latest issue October 1994). Available from: Janus Funds, P.O. Box 173375, Denver, Colo., 80217-3375.

Outside Kids emphasizes outdoor sports, with special attention to the environment and wildlife. Circulation: 150,000. Cost: $9.97 per year (four issues). Outside Kids, Outside Plaza, 400 Market St., Santa Fe, NM 87501.

Sports Illustrated For Kids focuses on child athletes and childhood achievements of adult sports stars. Circulation: 950,000. Cost: $1.95 per copy or 18.95 per year (12 issues). For a sample copy, send check for $1.95 to Time Inc. Magazine Co., P.O. Box 830609, Birmingham, Ala., 35283-0609.

Zillions has stories that review products marketed to children, advertising claims, and give advice on money management and decisionmaking. Circulation: 400,000. Cost: $2.75 per issue or $16 per year (six issues). Zillions, P.O. Box 54861, Boulder, Colo. 80322-4861.

Parents, teachers, and children also may be interested in a directory of magazines for children. ``Magazines for Kids and Teens,'' by Donald Stoll, lists 249 publications and is available for $10 from International Reading Association, 800 Barksdale Road, P.O. Box 8139. Newark, Del. 19714-8139.

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