The Days of One Job, One Career, Are Over

I am very disturbed by the article ``When Jobs Aren't Awarded to the Skilled,'' Oct. 20, which underscored the plight of older workers and none of the responsibilities. Most people over 40 grew up believing in the security of life-long employment and have been shocked into a career change. However, graduates expect to change careers, not just jobs, five to seven times.

There is plenty of thought pollution in the world discouraging people. For the young, the fear is that you can't get a job because you have no experience. For the 30-to-40-year-olds, it is you can't get a job because just looking means you aren't a team player. For those over 40, it is ``you can't get a job because you are too old.'' The day and age for a passive job search of sending out letters and resumes are over.

If you are not getting interviews, improve your resume and expand your methods for finding openings. If you are getting interviews, but not getting offers, seek help to improve your interviewing skills. New opportunities await everyone, including displaced older workers. Vera Ehmann, Cambridge, Mass. Certified professional resume writer.

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