The Second Annual Comedy Hall of Fame (NBC, 8-10 p.m.): A second crop of comedy icons will be saluted in a series that began last year: Sid Caesar, George Carlin, Bob Hope, Shirley MacLaine, Mary Tyler Moore, and Richard Pryor.

The show offers clips from the rich archives of the honorees' impressive careers; Shirley MacLaine performs ``If My Friends Could See Me Now''; and ``Saturday Night Live's'' Phil Hartman delivers ``a message from the White House.'' But the heart of the occasion is the sometimes emotional tributes from a celebrity roster that reads - appropriately - like a history of the medium. * SUNDAY

Lamb Chop and the Haunted Studio (PBS, 8-9 p.m.): One of the more appealing fixtures of kids' TV has been Shari Lewis and her familiar personae of puppets. She's usually seen on her daily PBS children's series, ``Lamb Chop's Play-Along,'' but this time she and her friends star in a prime-time Halloween special. They enter an old film studio and encounter scary characters who starred in some vintage monster movies, but all end up respecting one another. Alan Thicke, John Byner, and Jan Rules are the guests. * MONDAY

Rediscovering America With David Hartman (The Discovery Channel, 10-11p.m.): Halloween is not a bad time to begin airing this series: The premiere episode deals with the familiar but often misunderstood subject of ``witches'' and their persecution during the Puritan era about 300 years ago in Salem, Mass.

The program describes how people got the idea witches were in their midst and how the belief was used by feuding families. Host Hartman interviews people with diverse views on the subject, including some descendants of those executed for witchcraft.

In following months, the series explores other parts of American history: On Nov. 18, the topic will be Buffalo Soldiers, ex-slaves who fought in the Indian Wars between 1866 and 1891.

Please check local listings for these programs.

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