Dead Heat In Key Minnesota Senate Race

THE Minnesota Senate race between liberal Democrat Ann Wynia and conservative Republican Rod Grams is a statistical dead heat according to recent polls, with about 1 in 7 voters undecided. Those people are most likely independents, moderate Democrats, and centrist Republicans, for whom both candidates may seem extreme.

Both parties see the race as one in which the Democrats could win a seat now held by a Republican - Sen. Dave Durenberger is retiring. A Democratic victory would offset expected GOP gains in other parts of the country. Democrats now hold a 56-44 edge in the Senate.

In the Arizona gubernatorial race, challenger Eddie Basha is leading GOP Gov. Fife Symington by 10 points in a new poll.

And in New York, Republican George Pataki, who is challenging incumbent Democratic Gov. Mario Cuomo, says he'll serve no more than two terms if he's elected next month. Mr. Cuomo is seeking his fourth term.

``I believe in term limits,'' Mr. Pataki said. ``It works in other states. I think after eight years, it is time for someone else.''

California gubernatorial debate

IN what is expected to be their only debate before the Nov. 8 election, California Gov. Pete Wilson and Kathleen Brown, his challenger in next month's election for governor, traded charges Friday night on who was tougher on curbing illegal immigration and crime.

Mr. Wilson, who leads his Democratic rival in the polls, and Ms. Brown, currently state treasurer, clashed over a controversial ballot initiative that would deny education and non-emergency medical care to illegal immigrants.

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