Adoption by love, not race

SEN. Howard Metzenbaum (D) of Ohio scored a huge victory for children.

He placed an amendment in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that removes barriers to transracial adoptions. Certainly, a child growing up with a family that shares his or her culture is an ideal worth pursuing when the opportunity presents itself. But a minority child should not have to languish in a temporary situation when some family is willing to open its heart and home. To deny a child the chance of stability and nurturing is far more cruel than not placing him with someone of the same skin color. Too often, debates that concern race are ... twisted in divisive and unproductive ways that would bury children's best interests. That did not happen this time. And minority children who lack stable homes will be the winners because of it.

PRESIDENT Saddam Hussein of Iraq probably did not anticipate the swiftness with which the world responded to his menacing moves along the border with Kuwait.

The reasons for his provocative actions are still not clear but, obviously, only the speedy dispatch of a formidable multinational force explains Baghdad's promise to withdraw its troops.

Even so, it bears stressing that the announcement, as yet unfulfilled, came after prolonged prevarication and attempts to serve the United Nations with an ultimatum....

The Iraqi ruler may not actually want another war, but, faced with what a joint report by two UN agencies describes as ``pre-famine'' conditions, he may see no alternative to diversionary tactics.

The crux of the matter is that Baghdad is threatened with bankruptcy.

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