An occasional update of video releases

* AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER - This is the classic 1957 romance that Meg Ryan kept weeping over in ``Sleepless in Seattle'' not long ago. Its other claim to fame is that it's the first remake of the 1939 drama ``Love Affair,'' which also inspired Warren Beatty's new excursion into soap-opera land. The staying power of this basically slender story, about a couple whose budding relationship is affected by everything from a sweet old granny to a near-disastrous accident, is rooted in its canny mingling of glamour, sentimentality, and old-fashioned Hollywood artifice. The mid-'50s version is slow going most of the way, but there's no beating Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in the charm department, and director Leo McCarey comes up with some amusing moments that are more diverting than anything in Beatty's updated edition. (Fox Video)

* LA CAZA - ``The Hunt'' is the English-language title of Carlos Saura's tightly wound melodrama, focusing on a small group of Spanish Civil War veterans who maintain their predatory instincts by stalking helpless animals and conducting low-key psychological warfare on one another. This early film established Saura's reputation in 1966, before he earned wider fame with his masterpiece ``Cria!'' and a series of Flamenco dance movies. Clearly inspired by films of Luis Bunuel and Jean Renoir, it remains one of his strongest and most socially critical works. Be warned that its images are often as savage as its message, however. (Connoisseur Video Collection)

* HOME SWEET HOME - Directed by British filmmaker Mike Leigh for BBC television in 1982, this scathing masterpiece takes a lecherous postal worker for its main character, but its real subject is the dehumanizing effect of living conditions that foster alienation, frustration, and a profound lack of self-knowledge in young and old alike. Brilliantly acted in Leigh's usual improvisatory style. (Waterbearer Films)

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