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* ONLY YOU - A Ouija board and a fortune teller inform young Faith that she'll marry a man named Damon Bradley when she grows up. On the eve of her wedding to another fellow years later, a mysterious phone message lures her to Europe on an urgent search for the ideal mate who has eluded her so far. This romantic comedy is sappy and sentimental from beginning to end, but it's so charmingly old-fashioned that you're likely to fall under its spell. The director is Norman Jewison, who has an impressive record of socially aware films but also knows his way around comic territory, as his ``Moonstruck'' memorably proved. Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. are their usual attractive selves as Faith and the mystery man who might be the Damon Bradley of her dreams. Diane Drake wrote the screenplay, and the great Swedish cinematographer Sven Nykvist serves up a sun-drenched series of landscapes and cityscapes that's downright irresistible. (Rated PG)

* CARO DIARIO - Italian filmmaker Nanni Moretti wrote, directed, and stars in this deeply personal diary film, which moves from whimsical and wandering subjects to more troubling but ultimately life-affirming matters. The first part, subtitled ``On My Vespa,'' finds Moretti zipping around Rome on his motorscooter, pondering the ways in which he and his country are changing with the passing years. In the second part, ``Islands,'' he contemplates the transfixing power of TV soap operas, and visits a sort of yuppie colony where couples spoil their pampered little children. The third part, ``Doctors,'' turns darker as Moretti copes with a diagnosis of serious illness, going through some disturbing days but emerging with a renewed sense of health and perspective. In all, this is one of the most original and affecting films to emerge from Italy in ages. Also known as ``Dear Diary.'' (Not rated)

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