Humanitarian solutions for Cuba

The opinion-page article ``Cuba: A Problem of Domestic Politics, Not Foreign Policy,'' Sept. 16, is correct when it states that America's policy toward Cuba is controlled or manipulated by the influential Cuban-American lobby.

The Cuban exile hard-liners should keep in mind that it was them, the rich and affluent Cubans, who let Castro come to power in the first place and then let him confiscate their lands and properties as well.

Now they want to blame and punish the Cuban population for not overthrowing Castro, when they themselves failed to do that.

If they want Castro overthrown they should overthrow him themselves, and take back what was theirs.

As for the American government, either it should end the embargo and seek compensation for properties lost to Castro or just invade Cuba, overthrow Castro, take back what it lost to Castro, and install a better democratic system.

Those would be the most humanitarian solutions of all. Vicente Fournier, Crescent City, Calif.

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