TV Violence: Parents Under the Gun (TBS, 7:35-8:05 p.m): Lots and lots of talk but not much in the way of answers or a plan of action: This is one of the big complaints - heard from the parents' panel in this special - about the subject of violence on the tube, especially as it affects kids.

But this time some constructive suggestions emerge. Child psychologist Dr. John Livingstone, author of ``The Violence Framework: Guidelines for Understanding, Reporting, and Portraying Violence'' takes part, along with psychotherapist Dr. Suzanne Stutman, who is the head of Initiatives for Mental Health.

These two advise parents not only when to shield their children from bad programs, but also how TV can be turned into a tool for conveying values through a running dialogue with kids about what they see on the screen and how it relates to reality.

Phylicia Rashad, Clair Huxtable on the ``The Cosby Show'' is the host.


The UFO Cover-Up? Live From Area 51 (TNT, 8-10 p.m.): If anyone can make something new of the UFO issue, it's talk-show host Larry King, who is devoting this entire two-hour special to it. He has invited a panel that includes astronomer Carl Sagan, former senator and Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater, and - perhaps inevitably - William Shatner of ``Star Trek.''

Some guests (like Goldwater) and many Americans who don't necessarily believe in UFOs feel that a decades-long veil of secrecy has been drawn by the military across this subject. So host King is conducting the live program on location a few miles from the military base known as Area 51, where some people claim that a secret mission connected with UFOs is being pursued. But don't worry, the program includes plenty of informed debunkers who aren't about to let conspiratorial theories go unchallenged.

The program's format includes taped and live interviews, chats with locals, and the viewer telephone calls that are this show's trademark.

Please check local listings for these programs.

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