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(Dec. 15) Steven Spielberg directed this drama about a Polish-German industrialist who bribes Nazis and exploits loopholes in their labor laws to keep his Jewish workers out of concentration camps - not because he's such a nice guy, but because he can't stand the human waste. While the book by Thomas Keneally sketches the actual Oskar Schindler in many shades of gray, the movie eventually turns him into a demigod. Still, it's an impressive (and lengthy) achievement. Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley, and Ralph Fiennes add distinction to the cast. (MCA, rated R). By April Austin * SERIAL MOM (April 15) On the outside she's a suburban homemaker straight from ``Leave It to Beaver'' territory, but inside she has a murderous streak a mile wide. As usual, filmmaker John Waters piles up pitch-black comedy and over-the-top bad taste. But between the outrageous jokes there's a smidgen of serious thought about the yen for violence that shows itself in a wide range of contemporary activities, from gawking at wrongdoers on the talk-show circuit to cheerleading for capital punishment. Kathleen Turner stars. (HBO, rated R). By David Sterritt * FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL (March 25) A likable young English chap (Hugh Grant) is unfortunate in love not once but several times in this adult comedy. An American beauty (Andie MacDowell in a ravishing collection of hats) keeps popping up at his friends' weddings, but he can't manage to say anything brilliant to woo her. Grant is befuddled, charming, dashing, and goofy all at the same time, but MacDowell can't quite keep up with him. Neither can the screenplay, which washes out near the end. But the gallery of wonderfully oddball friends and family, and Grant's performance, make up for the little fumbles. (Miramax, rated R). By April Austin

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