Following is the text of the seven-point agreement signed in Port-au-Prince by former President Jimmy Carter and military-installed Haitian President Emile Jonassaint.

1. The purpose of this agreement is to foster peace in Haiti, to avoid violence and bloodshed, to promote freedom and democracy, and to forge a sustained and mutually beneficial relationship between the governments, people, and institutions of Haiti and the United States.

2. To implement this agreement, the Haitian military and police forces will work in close cooperation with the US military mission. This cooperation, conducted with mutual respect, will last during the transitional period required for insuring vital institutions of the country.

3. In order to personally contribute to the success of this agreement, certain military officers of the Haitian armed forces are willing to consent to an early and honorable retirement in accordance with UN Resolutions 917 and 940 when a general amnesty will be voted into law by the Haitian Parliament, or Oct. 15, 1994, whichever is earlier. The parties to this agreement pledge to work with the Haitian parliament to expedite this action. Their successors will be named according to the Haitian Constitution and existing military law.

4. The military activities of the US military mission will be coordinated with the Haitian military high command.

5. The economic embargo and the economic sanctions will be lifted without delay in accordance with relevant United Nations resolutions and the need of the Haitian people will be met as quickly as possible.

6. The forthcoming legislative elections will be held in a free and democratic manner.

7. It is understood that the above agreement is conditioned on the approval of the civilian governments of the United States and Haiti.

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