An occasional update of video releases

* LUCK, TRUST & KETCHUP: THE MAKING OF SHORT CUTS - Behind the scenes of Robert Altman's big brawling film about lives and loves in contemporary Los Angeles, based on various Raymond Carver stories. Much of this documentary is like a long commercial for the Altman film, with members of the cast saying nice things about each other into the camera. If you're a ``Short Cuts'' fan, the interviews and rehearsal shots will be like revisiting the original; but if you agree with skeptical critics that ``Short Cuts'' is less inspired than its reputation indicates, nothing here will change your mind. Look out for a small amount of extremely vulgar language. (Columbia TriStar Home Video, Burbank, Calif./New Line Home Video, Los Angeles) * MON ONCLE - Gallic charm and modernist wit share the screen in Jacques Tati's classic 1958 comedy about an old-fashioned man coping with colleagues and relatives who are determined to be as up-to-date as possible - even if this means living and working in gadget-ridden environments that are the opposite of comfortable or convenient. Tati's performance as the ungainly but lovable Monsieur Hulot seems a bit too cute by today's standards; still, his eye for hilarious details and revealing ironies was never sharper than in this expertly directed satire, which also features a color scheme so eye-catching you'd never guess this was Tati's first color film. Unfortunately, his artful use of long shots is marvelous on the big screen but not well suited to small-size television screens. (Home Vision Cinema, Chicago)

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