Will Cuba's Real Enemy Please Stand Up?

The author discusses reasons for Castro's survival, but he totally ignores the possibility that Castro has been a good leader. For three decades, Cubans were much better off under Castro than they had been previously. Castro elevated health care, housing, and rights to education, and Cubans benefited greatly. Cuba and its experiences are a threat to US policymakers because Americans can see a poor nation providing what they do not have.

The author didn't want to give Castro another platform and he has good reason to worry. Given the opportunity, Castro could point out that the duplicitous US administrations of Presidents Reagan, Bush, and Clinton failed to honor the 1984 agreement signed by Mr. Reagan.

This violation and the US embargo are among the primary causes of the immigration problem today. It's time for the US to get over its snit about Castro and to end its childish embargo against Cuba. By all means, give Castro another platform. Ronald Forthofer, Longmont, Colo.

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