Clinton Fulfills Two Campaign Pledges, With A Flourish

PRESIDENT Clinton, who complains that he doesn't get enough credit for his accomplishments, is touting two legislative triumphs this week to remind voters that he can deliver on a promise.

With the rest of his legislative agenda in question, the president launched his national-service program Monday and plans to sign anti-crime legislation today. The White House scheduled the high-profile ceremonies to celebrate the fulfillment of two key campaign pledges.

AmeriCorps, approved easily by Congress a year ago, gives Americans a chance to earn tuition or work off college loans by participating in community-service programs.

Oregon welfare experiment eyed

AFTER nearly a year of congressional and bureaucratic wrangling, the Clinton administration is ready to approve an experiment to subsidize jobs for welfare recipients in Oregon.

Oregon's pilot project, known as JOBS Plus, is significant because of its size and complexity. Welfare experts say it is the largest welfare-to-work experiment involving wage subsidies in recent years, and other states are interested in copying JOBS Plus.

JOBS Plus is also part of a trend among the states, which are experimenting with welfare reform as prospects for a national overhaul fade.

Researchers estimate that by the end of the year, nearly all states will have proposed or won approval for various reform attempts.

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