Keeping Peace in Northern Ireland

The article ``Clinton Plays IRA Truce as US Diplomatic Victory,'' Sept. 2, puts too much emphasis on the pro- or anti-British stance of the president.

The British government has tried to keep the peace in Ulster, Northern Ireland, for the last 25 years.

The British people have no great emotional attachment to Ulster, and many would like to see the violence end; they care very little if Northern Ireland remains part of the UK. The Northern Irish wish to remain part of the UK because they value their freedom.

The republican terrorists see themselves becoming part of the American presidential election. By appearing to be reasonable they put Clinton in a favorable light, and expect to be rewarded.

The majority in the province view these developments with dismay. They remember how much the Palestinians counted in President Truman's reelection calculations or the current fate of the hapless Cubans. Their freedom is a small price to pay for the re-election of an American president. Nigel Pridmore Brown, Ojai, Calif.

The Rushmeister era

There is nothing in the article ``An Era May Be Passing For Talkmeister Limbaugh,'' Sept. 2, that suggests the era of Rush Limbaugh may be passing. The headline is simply spin and hype! If you had better researched your article, you would know that Mr. Limbaugh has always been held accountable for every word he says by his critics. If you listen to his show for any significant length of time you would know that Limbaugh has openly discussed his own marriages as well as issues relating to President Clinton such as the Vietnam draft. Limbaugh is also quick to correct the few mistakes he makes at the beginning of his show. I challenge anyone to speak for three and a half hours a day, for even half a year, without making any mistakes. Laurie Whitehead, Ft. Washington, Md.

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