Just the facts, ma'am.

The headline ``Stand Up for Macedonia,'' Aug. 15, does not stand up to the facts.

Contrary to the article, it is not Greece that undermines the stability of the region, but the government in Skopje, which refuses to take the minimum steps required by Greece to demonstrate the abandonment of its long-cherished expansionist aims at Greece's territorial expense.

It is for this reason that Greece was obliged, last February, to impose economic sanctions against the Skopje regime. The European Court has already refused an application by the European Commission for an injunction to order the immediate lifting of that embargo (which, incidentally, does not apply to food and humanitarian supplies).

Meanwhile, a UN-sponsored mediation under former United States Secretary of State Cyrus Vance is attempting, with Greece's full cooperation, to settle differences between Athens and Skopje. The talks are to resume in October, and it is hoped that they will show greater flexibility on Skopje's part, and will permit a solution to benefit all parties concerned - the people of the Skopje region. Anna Machairidis, Washington Embassy of Greece

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