This a conversation that aired recently between Andelman and a caller:

Eddie: Go ahead. You're on the Eddie Andelman show.

Caller: Hello Eddie.

E: How ya doing?

C: Very well.

E: Very gill?

C: No, very well. Excuse me. I just called to answer your questions, and I've got a sports question for you.

E: But, are you an all-around sports fan?

C: Far more than major sports.

E: Well, what else do you cover, like NASCAR auto racing?

C: Well, I can speak about it, sure.

E: And what about badminton, tennis, and golf?

C: Well, I know the rules of badminton....

E: Anyway, go ahead.

C: All right, now....

E: Would you like the Celtics to get Dominique Wilkins or Horace Grant?

C: Before we even ask that question, Eddie, gotta know, why are we signing any of them?

E: Well, you could say, (D) None of the above.

C: I would have to say none of the above for one reason. We need someone who is going to turn this franchise around. If I had the $2.8 million, I'd sit around and use it at an opportune time.

E: But if you were a season-ticket holder, or you own this team, you want to get some television ratings....

C: Then I would sign Dominique Wilkins for two years because he is your go-to man, which the Celtics do not have and he'll play all the time.

E: Now you can ask me a question.

C: OK, here you go. Henry Aaron's 715th home run was hit off of Al Downing. Correct? What was Al Downing's number?

E: 44.

C: Very good, Eddie.

E: Well, that's an easy question. Thanks for calling.

You're all right. That guy had a lot of common sense.

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