US and Israel Need to Work Together

The editorial ``Peace for Terror,'' Aug. 17, bears rereading and reprinting: The Israeli government has been launching offensive and illegal raids into Lebanon while citing Arafat for ``terrorism.'' Israel justifies this, with the support of the US government, in terms of ``security.'' Yet Israeli attacks into Lebanon and the continued oppression of Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories only makes for more enemies. The longtime Israeli policy of getting rid of Palestinian Arabs or breaking their spirit is no longer viable.

``Transferring'' to other countries is not realistic, and internal oppression will lead only to frustration and violence. For its own security Israel needs to rethink its policy. Unfortunately, your conclusion, ``Real peace in the Middle East can't be made at the expense of one party. The United States must end its silence,'' offers little hope. Only if Israel and our government take an honest look at Israel's ``security'' needs will there be peace in the Middle East. Bernice L. Youtz, Olympia, Washington

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