Little League World Series (ABC, 3:30-6 p.m.): What baseball strike? The games go on in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Penn.

Six weeks of global competition this summer has led to the series, an elimination event among eight teams - four from the United States, four non-US.

The two winning teams (not determined at press time) play the championship game on ``Wide World of Sports.'' * MONDAY

Victory Over Violence (Syndicated; please check local listings for station, day, and time): The focus is on solutions in this pragmatic series of four hourly programs, hosted by Walter Cronkite, about dealing with violence in our society.

The executive producer, Arnold Shapiro, won an Oscar and four Emmys for ``Scared Straight,'' his nationally syndicated 1979 documentary about a controversial experiment in which young delinquents were taken on a visit to prison, where the inmates told them in brutal terms what life was like there.

This series also has a hard-headed approach, searching for the most effective and least starry-eyed methods. These are often adopted by grass-roots groups that have taken the offensive on violence in their own neighborhoods. Members of the North Miami Senior Patrol, for instance, canvass their streets on bicycles. In a South Carolina program called ``Cops in the Hood,'' police live in some of the toughest neighborhoods - and the crime rate goes down. In one intriguing experiment, an impromptu choir in St. Petersburg, Fla., literally sings drug dealers out of the area.

Other sources are tapped in this comprehensive production - victims, social workers, legislators, the FBI, the Department of Justice. In the opening hour, the adult and juvenile-justice system is examined.US Open Late Night (CBS, 12:37 a.m.-1: 07 a.m.): Live action doesn't begin on the network until Sept. 3, but for true fans the network kicks off coverage of the tennis classic with this recap of the first day's play.

Please check local listings for this program.

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