An exploitive twist on trading cards

FRIENDS who own a ... baseball card shop showed us something rather disturbing the other day. It was a promotion for ``The Simpson Case Trading Cards.''...

The set of 50 cards ... includes ... photos of O. J. Simpson in his Buffalo Bills and University of Southern California uniforms, as well as him signing a football, posing with Al Cowlings, and enjoying an evening with friends....

There also are cards with O. J.'s and Al's mug shots taken when arrested, murder victim Nicole Simpson's driver's license, the infamous white Bronco, ... and even the family of the other slaying victim, Ronald Goldman....

It claims that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these cards ``will be donated to support the prevention of domestic violence and benefit shelters for abused women and children.''

It's a scam to profit at the expense of others' misery.

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