An occasional update of video releases

* THE LITTLE RASCALS: VOLUME 2 - This quartet of Our Gang episodes, made in the 1930s by Hal Roach Studios, is part of a 12-volume set, enough to satisfy any appetite for cute kids, cute situations, and cute moviemaking. Volume 2 includes ``Hearts Are Thumps,'' featuring an early visit to the He-Man Womun Haters Club, also prominent in the overeager ``Little Rascals'' remake from Steven Spielberg's company. Also here are ``Teacher's Beau'' and ``The First Round-Up,'' generic and dependable items, and ``Hook and Ladder,'' which includes Breezy's immortal observation that he'll help the local fire department for free as long as he gets to squirt water. (Cabin Fever, Greenwich, Conn.) * PINKY - This engrossing 1949 melodrama was among numerous ``problem pictures'' made by Hollywood in the years right after World War II, when Americans were discovering that the democracy they'd defended still had plenty of flaws; the McCarthy era soon ended such productions, but not before politically interested types like Elia Kazan brought a few progressive messages to the screen. Jeanne Crain plays an African-American woman returning to her Southern home after passing for white up North, and Ethel Waters gives great dignity to her long-suffering grandmother. The story isn't always as enlightened as one might wish, but it's still powerful. (Fox Video, Beverly Hills, Calif.) * SAINT JOAN - This is the Joan of Arc movie that torpedoed Jean Seberg's career in her very first try, and would have sunk her if Jean-Luc Godard hadn't then starred her in ``Breathless'' and made her an art-film icon. Seberg does fine in the saintly waif scenes, but falls wildly short in her big dramatic moments. In other respects the 1957 drama holds up fine, with sumptuous Otto Preminger filming and delicious work by Richard Widmark as the demented dauphin. Graham Greene adapted George Bernard Shaw's play. (Warner Home Video, Burbank, Calif.)

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