Nation awash in Whitewater

Thank you for the editorial ``Treading Whitewater,'' Aug. 2. You observe that ``so far, it is questionable whether the cost of this lesson is commensurate with the effect on the nation's civic business.'' I believe it is worth the cost. Such open hearings effectively educate public thought in a way not possible by the media. The live coverage allows the American system of government to be tested in the world arena. The nation's civic business is successful only as those in power uphold in their lives the standard of honesty, integrity, and decency.

A renewal in the expression of these virtues is being felt in all areas of activity - secular, business, educational, and religious. The ``cynicism and doubt'' of the ``Me Generation'' will be erased as we take responsibility for our actions. These hearings show how important personal integrity is and how it relates to a society striving toward a more perfect form of self-government. Ed Specht, Carlsbad, Calif.

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