Road Construction Ahead

(PBS, 6:30-6:50 p.m.): You often find windows in the wooden fences around urban building sites, put there so curious pedestrians can become ``sidewalk superintendents'' for a few minutes.

Multiply that kind of adult fascination by a hundred and you get some idea of how entranced kids can become when watching bulldozers and excavators. Fred Levine had always noticed this appeal in youngsters, and when a construction project began next door, his young sons became an eager audience.

The result of producer Levine's awareness is a program filled with road-building scenes - rock crushers, front-end loaders, earth movers, giant trucks, blasting equipment, and more. The production - already a big hit in home video form - was shot in Long Island while Route 138 was being built, with some shots taken in Vermont.

The only actor is George Woodward Jr. - called just ``George'' in this production - a friendly construction worker in a hard hat who takes viewers all the way from site surveys to the first car rolling down the highway.

Four Chords and Several Years Ago (PBS, 9:30-10:30 p.m.; please check local listings, since schedules vary widely during pledge week): ``Searching for My Love,'' ``Blue Monday,'' ``Good Morning Little School Girl'' - if those songs remind you of the good old days of rock-and-roll, that's exactly the idea behind this elaborate salute to an era.

The musical special stars Huey Lewis & the News, who have sold some 15 million records. Their album ``Sports'' won a Grammy and is among the all-time bestsellers.

For this show, their set is a 1963 soundstage. The production used a camera style developed in the early 1960s, when rock was first coming to TV. Saxophones wail, dances of the time are performed, old numbers are shot in black and white, and other period touches enhance the mood - right down to an audience dressed in clothes of the 1960s.

Lewis is joined by Lloyd Price and Sam Moore, who contributed much to those early years.

Please check local listings for these programs.

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