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* BEACH BLANKET BABYLON (At Club Fugazi, San Francisco): This popular San Francisco tourist attraction is now the longest-running musical revue in history, currently in its 20th year. It still sells out regularly, so book your tickets well in advance. Constantly changing, the current madcap edition again features the adventures of Snow White as she searches for her true love in a variety of international locales, running into a cross section of pop-culture icons, including Elvis, Sonny and Cher, Sylvester Stallone, the Clintons, and many others.

Steve Silver is the creative mastermind behind the show, responsible for the conception, writing, production, direction, costume design, scenic design, prop design, and perhaps most importantly, hat design. ``Beach Blanket Babylon'' is justly famous for its elaborate and spectacularly campy hat creations, and you'll have to see the hats in the finale - depicting the cities of San Francisco and Washington in all their glory - to believe them.

This fast-paced revue, 75 minutes long, doesn't wear out its welcome, and the loudly appreciative audience is with it from the first minute. The boisterous score of pop-rock standards is rousingly delivered by a first-rate cast, particularly Renee Lubin, whose Tina Turner is more dynamic than the original, and Val Diamond, who switches among Japanese, Italian, and Jewish characters in a second. Linda Bulgo is a charming Snow White, and also gets to strut her stuff before the show is over.

Visual and verbal puns abound, and although there are more than a few groaners, the relentless gags, the whiz-bang inventiveness, and the high spirits of the occasion make the show a rousing good time.

Club Fugazi is located in the North Beach section of San Francisco, so be sure to also take advantage of the area's voluminous selection of wonderful Italian restaurants and cafes.

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