After four weeks and 52 games, how much international soccer lore have you absorbed?

1. A soccer goal is 8 feet high, but how wide is it?

a) 16 feet

b) 24 feet

c) 30 feet

2. When was the first World Cup played?

a) 1894

b) 1910

c) 1930

3. With a win over Colombia this year, the United States scored its first World Cup victory since:

a) 1950

b) 1962

c) 1978

4. US Soccer, the sport's national governing body, is in which city?

a) Chicago

b) Los Angeles

c) Boston

5. Where is the US Soccer Hall of Fame?

a) Charleston, S.C.

b) Akron, Ohio

c) Oneonta, N.Y.

6. The world champions of women's soccer are from:

a) United States

b) China

c) Norway

7. Which US college conference has produced the most national champions?

a) Big Ten

b) Pacific 10

c) Atlantic Coast

8. Which country has never won a World Cup?

a) France

b) Uruguay

c) Argentina

9. Which country won third place in World Cup USA '94 with a decisive 4-0 win over Bulgaria?

a) Cameroon

b) Romania

c) Sweden

10. Italy's flag is red, white, and green, but its soccer team -

the famed ``Azzurri'' - wears what color?

a) purple

b) blue

c) black

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