US compass points to change

After reading the article, ``Clinton's `Workfare' Draws Fire,'' June 16, my first thought was that I'm glad we have a president who is willing to take the heat. I like his method of working, even though I don't always agree with him. I like the way he tries to find new and better ways to help people, like welfare reform. He is willing to change his ideas if someone suggests something better; or, if he cannot convince people, he will compromise, so that we can move in a new direction.

Some years ago I took flying lessons. One day, the instructor directed me to a spot over a large reservoir where there were a lot of wind currents. Then he told me to turn the plane to another compass reading. I did all that I had been taught but the plane did not budge from its original course. I turned to the instructor in panic and said, ``What am I doing wrong?'' He calmly said, ``Nothing, just hold it there.'' In a short time the plane began to turn, and all was well.

Mr. Clinton is trying to turn the country in a new direction. There are many wind currents working against him, but if he holds his course, the country will soon begin to turn. Frances Gibson, San Jose, Calif.

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