Study Finds Assassin Acted Alone In Mexico

A PORTRAIT of a crazed, lone political assassin is slowing being drawn by the Mexican government team investigating the March 23 murder of presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio.

This week, special prosecutor Miguel Montes Garcia produced a 13-page report from the ``Book of Acts'' written by confessed assassin Mario Aburto Martinez. A detailed report is to follow.

Mr. Aburto writes that his quest is ``to free the nation'' from ``a party that has been in power 65 years, because imperialism is endangering the destiny of the country and the people.'' He thought his book would be reproduced by ``all the universities and sold throughout the nation the world.''

Backing off a conspiracy theory, the prosecutor has concluded that Aburto alone committed a premeditated act of murder for political reasons. Six people were initially arrested, including part of a local security team. In videos of the killing, security guards appeared to aid Aburto. But Spanish forensic experts found in May that the videos did not provide enough evidence to support a conspiracy theory. Three of the six have been released; the others will be freed soon.

But these conclusions are being questioned. An opposition party politician said: The government wants to ``sweep the case under the rug.''

Polls show many Mexicans do not believe Aburto acted alone. The most common theory is that Colosio's death was orchestrated by narcotraffickers or hard-liners within the ruling party.

One long-time ruling party supporter says: ``This is like the Kennedy assassination. We'll probably never be told the truth.''

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