MORE WARSHIPS HEADING FOR HAITI A four-ship Navy amphibious assault group sails for Haiti July 6, a senior defense official says. The deployment adds 2,000 Marines to the region to assist in evacuation of any US citizens or officials, the official says. This brings to 13 the number of US warships off Haiti. The naval movement comes as the Clinton administration tightens economic sanctions against Haiti in an effort to force out the military leaders who ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in September 1991. Critics say the embargo has triggered a surge of refugees fleeing the island. US Coast Guard boats have intercepted about 10,000 Haitians in 11 days and more than 54,000 since Mr. Aristide was ousted. As many as 150 Haitians may have died July 4 in the capsizing of a boat packed with 200, survivors and local witnesses say. The liberalized US immigration policy, which took effect June 16, permits boat people to appeal for political asylum. Plan to end war in Bosnia

Officials from the United States, Russia, Britain, Germany, and France gathered in Geneva July 5 to approve plans to split Bosnia-Herzegovina between the Muslims, Croats, and Serbs. They were to agree on incentives and penalties to pressure the warring factions to accept the new map.

Meanwhile, the US opened an embassy in Sarajevo July 4 with a garden party that doubled as an Independence Day celebration minus the fireworks that might have been interpreted as shelling there. Aden capture claimed

Northern Yemen claimed its forces seized most of southern Aden July 5, but a southern source said that although shelling was heavy, no northern troops had entered the city. The northern Defense Ministry said its tanks and troops fought their way into Aden, capturing all but the city center and a military base. But the Kuwait News Agency quoted a southern source as saying the situation in Aden was unchanged. Norwegian royal visit

King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway arrived July 5 on the royal yacht Norge for a four-day state visit to Scotland. They were to meet with Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister John Major. N. Korea, US to confer

A North Korean delegation left July 5 for high-level talks with the United States that could prove crucial to resolving the long-running dispute over the North's nuclear program. Talks are set to begin July 9 in Geneva.

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