At Fundraiser, Clinton Hits `Cultural War' By Republicans

PRESIDENT Clinton has accused Republican opponents of trying to divide the American people with a ``cultural war'' over moral, race, and ethnic issues.

At a Democratic fundraiser in Washington, Mr. Clinton said the ``awful truth'' of his GOP opponents was cited in recent days by Fred Grandy, an Iowa Republican House member.

Congressman Grandy said he was angry his party was not doing more to help Clinton on health-care reform.

Clinton said Grandy ``finally came out and said that the Republicans had been given marching orders by their leader to not cooperate; don't offer any amendments; you cannot vote for anything.'' Whitewater, Round 1

THE Wall Street Journal reports top Washington officials will likely escape indictment in the Whitewater probe.

The paper spoke with spokesmen for a dozen White House and Treasury Department officials, who say they have not received any notice of coming indictments. Such notice would come from Special Counsel Robert Fiske, who is conducting the probe.

Mr. Fiske was appointed by Attorney General Janet Reno to look into the links between a failed savings and loan and a real estate deal made by President Clinton and the first lady.

Fiske is also investigating the death of former White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster. In coming weeks, he is expected to rule the death was a suicide.

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