RWANDANS BATTLE DESPITE CEASE-FIRE Tutsi rebels yesterday fired at government positions in Kigali, the capital, despite a cease-fire pledge from both sides. Leaders from the warring factions pledged Tuesday at the Organization of African Unity meeting in Tunis to observe a cease-fire. But the commitment has been slow in reaching those fighting. The advancing Rwandan Patriotic Front rebels control most of Rwanda's north and east. Ethnic violence has torn the country apart since April. Meanwhile in Paris, France broadened efforts to win support for military intervention in Rwanda, but distrusting Rwandan rebels blamed Paris in part for the mass slaughter and rejected any French troops in a peacekeeping force. Cambodian talks fail

Cambodian peace talks in Phnom Penh ended in failure yesterday as the Khmer Rouge guerrilla group refused to agree to a date to begin a truce. The government offered a truce starting June 30, but the Khmer Rouge evidently wants to reach an agreement first on how much power it would get in the government if it laid down its arms.

Viacom gets Japanese loan

Nine major Japanese banks will lend $2 billion to Viacom Inc. to help fund its purchase of Paramount Communications Inc. The Japanese loans will cover about one-third of the total purchase price of $6.8 billion. Viacom, which owns MTV, Showtime, Nickelodeon, and other cable channels, won the bidding battle for Paramount in February after a five-month struggle with the QVC Network.Palestinians released

Three busloads of Palestinian prisoners, the first of more than 1,000 expected to be released yesterday by Israel, reached the Gaza Strip. Of 100 prisoners initially freed, 30 were from the militant Islamic group Hamas, which opposes the peace process. The releases were overshadowed by arguments between Israelis and Palestinians over where the prisoners should go. Author threatened

About 2,000 Muslim fundamentalists marched through Dhaka, Bangladesh, yesterday, calling for the execution of an author who wants Islamic laws changed to give women equal rights in this male-dominated nation. It was the latest threat against Taslima Nasreen, who went into hiding last week when a court ordered her arrest.

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