An occasional update of video releases

* BETWEEN THE TEETH Picking up where Talking Heads left off, pop star David Byrne performs old material with a new group; the results are as engaging as they are eclectic, showing keen originality while playfully alluding to influences ranging from Buddy Holly rock and Bob Dylan folk to Brian Eno minimalism and the Latin American mambo. Directed by Byrne and David Wild, this concert film is flashy and MTV-ish at times, yet the singer's energetic stage personality gives it a steady center of gravity. Although it lacks the cinematic ambitions of ``Stop Making Sense,'' the overrated Talking Heads film by Jonathan Demme, it has a musical sophistication that rarely lets up. (Warner Reprise Video, New York) * FILMS BY JANE CAMPION - Before she made ``The Piano'' and other respected features, Australian filmmaker Jane Campion honed her talent in inventive, sometimes outrageous shorts. ``A Girl's Own Story'' surrealistically explores the discovery of sex; the comic ``Peel'' shows a family feud; the aptly named ``Passionless Moments'' presents a series of deliberately off-kilter sketches. All take pleasure in the bold, the brash, and the bizarre. (First Run Features, New York) * MR. JONES - Richard Gere plays a handsome musician with disturbing mood swings, and Lena Olin plays a lovely psychiatrist who's never too busy to treat him as if he were the only patient in the world. The characters land in various situations that show how complexities of emotion can play havoc with neat distinctions between normal/abnormal and personal/professional, but the filmmakers steer the story toward simplistic melodrama every chance they get, and Gere never gets past his movie-star persona. The picture was directed by Mike Figgis, who blended romance and reality more imaginatively in ``Enchanted April,'' still his best film. (Columbia TriStar Home Video, Burbank, California)

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