Leave Jerusalem Undivided

The author of the opinion-page article ``Clinton on Wrong Side of Jerusalem Issue,'' April 27, has forgotten history.

Whenever we have a divided entity, we have problems. Witness those that occurred following the division of Berlin, Korea, Vietnam, Ireland, Cyprus, etc. To divide Jerusalem again would cause great problems.

Under Arab (Jordanian) control, we had intolerance, as well as desecration and neglect of holy sites. Since Israel unified Jerusalem, Muslims and Jews have been allowed to maintain their own holy sites. Their religious laws have been respected.

Jerusalem is not occupied. How can we compare what the Israelis have done in Jerusalem since they unified the city to the occupation of regions such as Europe during World War II by the Nazis, and the East bloc countries by the Soviet Union?

Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for 3,000 years, and the city has always had a majority of Jews living there. Yale J. Berry Boston

Plugging the Green Plug

Regarding the Economy-page article ``Skeptics Query New Electricity-Saving Plug,'' May 5: The author did a commendable job of researching a complex and unique technology. However, because statements I made over the course of our half-hour conversation were condensed into three side-by-side sentences in the article, the context changed.

Given the title of the article and the prominently displayed quote attributed to me, one might get the impression that I am a ``skeptic,'' whereas I am not.

Scientific Certification Systems expects that the vast majority of users will save money by using the Green Plug. The question is: How much will they save, and when will they recoup their investment costs? Because utility rates vary, supply voltages vary, and real-world use varies from test protocols, one can't produce one answer for everybody.

Based on what we have seen so far, including the Consumer Reports study, savings opportunities can be described by the typical bell-shaped distribution, with a worst case of losing a dollar or two per year (quite unlikely) and a best case of saving $40 (not $30 as quoted) or more.

There is a simple message that escaped this article and the Consumer Reports article: Because each individual's circumstances vary, the Green Plug's benefit will vary.

If you aren't in the market for a new, efficient refrigerator, you should consider buying the Green Plug. How do you decide if a Green Plug will pay for itself in a few years? Consider three factors: If you have an older refrigerator (at least five years old), a high utility rate (10 cents per kilowatt hour or higher), and a high supply voltage (more than 115 VAC - check it with a voltmeter), buy it. Are these the words of a skeptic? William Smart Oakland, Calif. Business Manager Scientific Certification Systems

African heritage in Cuba

The article ``US Helps Cubans, Not Haitians,'' May 19, on the inequities between Cuban and Haitian refugees, grossly contributes to America's geographic ignorance. In so many words, it suggests that Haitians are repatriated because they are black, while Cubans gain asylum because they are not.

The media consistently fail to mention that about 70 percent of Cubans share the same proud African heritage that most Haitians do. I cannot understand that you give a less-than-full account of the intricacies of Caribbean culture. To imply that United States policy is some sort of ethnic cleansing goes beyond inaccurate and blends into the absurd. Conrad L. Huygen Arcata, Calif.

Unsporting mockery

Regarding the editorial cartoon of May 17 on the nomination of Stephen Breyer to the Supreme Court: I am getting a little tired of Mr. Danziger's ``humor.'' It seems unsporting to mock a president who is trying, against fearful odds, to implement his program.

That President Clinton chose to nominate a noncontroversial jurist to the Supreme Court to avoid a heated debate, which would deflect his efforts from his greatest and most difficult challenge (universal health care), should surely not be viewed with scorn. Eleanor M. Allen Montclair, N.J.

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