Macedonia and Greek Nationhood

The article complains that the blockade imposed by the Hellenic government is leading to the economic destruction of the small country.

Hellas indeed imposed a blockade, but it is of lesser magnitude than the one imposed by the United States on Cuba. FYROM can import goods from the other countries it neighbors and has not offended.

Also, the author is inaccurate in stating when Hellas started using the name Macedonia for the province that is between the Hellenic provinces of Thrake and Epiros. I can assure you that during my school years in Hellas, which began long before 1988, we always used the name Macedonia to indicate the province referred to here.

The most pathetic statement, however, is that Philip of Macedonia and his son Alexander the Great were not Hellenes. I would have agreed with the author if Philip and Alexander the Great and all the Macedonians did not speak the same language, did not worship the same 12 Olympian gods, and did not have the same customs with the Athenians, Laekedemons, Thebans, and the other Hellenes. Andreas D. Thanos, Brighton, Mass.

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