A Who's Who Among Jurors Slated to Award Top Prizes

THE prizes given out today for Best Film and other honors, marking the close of the 47th annual Cannes filmfest, will be determined by the traditional 10-member jury. This year's members are:

* Clint Eastwood, top Hollywood star and director, and president of the jury.

* Catherine Deneuve, a leading actress in French cinema, and vice-president of the jury.

* Marie-Francoise Leclerc, a French journalist.

* Pupi Avati, respected Italian filmmaker whose ``Magnificat'' was a Competition highlight last year.

* Guillermo Cabrera Infante, well-known Cuban-British writer.

* Kazuo Ishiguro, the Japanese/British author whose novel ``The Remains of the Day'' inspired the recent Merchant Ivory film.

* Alexandre Kaidanovski, a Russian actor-director.

* Lalo Schifrin, the American composer known for his movie scores.

* Shin Sang Okk, a Korean director.

* Alain Terzian, a French producer.

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