Monitor Reporter Wins Award For Series on Reform of Congress

JOHN DILLIN of The Christian Science Monitor has won the 1993 Sigma Delta Chi Award for Washington Correspondence for his series aimed at helping Congress to solve its problems.

In his five-part series, ``Reforming Congress,'' Mr. Dillin tried to help the public understand Congress's deficiencies and offers members of Congress a thorough analysis of proposed reforms.

The contest judges said: ``Dillin's stories on congressional reform offered strong evidence of the problems in Congress as well as viable direction for a solution. The stories were relatively short, well-backgrounded, and highly readable.''

Sen. David L. Boren (D) of Oklahoma, co-chairman of the Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress, was so impressed with Dillin's series that he had it reprinted and distributed to the members of Congress.

Dillin joined the Monitor in 1964. Since beginning as a copy boy, he has been a business reporter, local reporter, congressional correspondent, Vietnam correspondent, city editor, Atlanta correspondent, Pentagon correspondent, news managing editor, and is presently the Monitor's chief political writer.

OTHER newspaper awards include: Deadline Reporting, The Orange County Register, Santa Ana, Calif; Non-Deadline Reporting, Jeff Taylor and Jake Thompson of the Kansas City (Mo.) Star; Investigative Reporting, Eileen Welsome of the Albuquerque (N.M.) Tribune; Feature Writing, John Woestendiek of the Philadelphia Inquirer; and Editorial Writing, Larry Keeling of the Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader.

The SDX Awards, presented every year since 1932, carry forward the original name of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Founded in 1909 as Sigma Delta Chi, the society, with 13,500 members, is the world's largest organization for journalists.

Bronze medallions will be presented to the SDX winners at SPJ's annual convention on Sept. 16 in Nashville, Tenn.

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