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* THREESOME - A computer glitch puts a woman, a gay man, and a straight man into the same college-dorm suite. This uneven comedy was written and directed by Andrew Fleming, who shows an occasional urge to think meaningful thoughts about sexual politics and human diversity, but gets consistently sidetracked by jokes, sight gags, and other silly stuff. The movie's main asset is a spunky performance by Lara Flynn Boyle of ``Twin Peaks'' fame. (Rated R)

* THE INKWELL - A comedy with serious overtones, about the challenges faced by a troubled African-American boy visiting New England relatives whose comparatively wealthy, white-influenced world is unlike anything he's encountered before. There are compelling moments of honest emotion in the story, but these are offset by scenes of vulgar, oafish humor that lower the movie's tone and call into question the artistic maturity of director Matty Rich, whose earlier ``Straight Out of Brooklyn'' showed notable promise despite its rough-hewn style. Larenz Tate is likable as the main character. Joe Morton heads the uneven supporting cast. (Rated R) * KIKA - Various aspects of the media world figure in this outrageous comedy about a makeup artist, an author, and a tabloid-television journalist, among other characters. The picture was directed by Pedro Almodovar, who has become Spain's most internationally renowned filmmaker by mixing stylish visuals with bizarre forms of gross-out humor, exemplified here by a surrealistic rape scene. Peter Coyote and Victoria Abril give solid performances, but the picture falls way short of ``Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown,'' still Almodovar's funniest and least-irritating work. (Not rated)

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