Boston's second gun buyback

LOCAL activists in Boston hope gun owners will be tempted to exchange their weapons for cash or music in the second year of a buyback program.

Beginning May 16, anyone who turns in a gun at Boston police stations will receive a voucher worth $50 at Bank of Boston or $75 credit at Tower Records. The program runs through July 8.

The program, sponsored by the advocacy group Citizens for Safety and others, brought in 1,302 guns last year.

Critics say the program is ineffective because it doesn't lure criminals, but rather law-abiding gun owners. But buyback organizers say that any gun removed from the streets may prevent an accidental shooting. Other communities in Massachusetts, including Pittsfield and Brockton, have run buyback programs. Quincy is scheduled to begin a buyback in June. California's rich candidates

CALIFORNIA voters will choose among the rich and famous when they select nominees for governor and US Senate in the June 7 primary.

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein - both rich and famous - is a favorite for reelection. In less than two years, she has become a national figure in pushing a ban on assault-style weapons.

Although she has personal wealth estimated at $40 million, Senator Feinstein faces an even richer potential GOP foe in Michael Huffington. The first-term congressman spent $5.3 million of his estimated $75 million fortune in 1992 to win a House seat. Now Mr. Huffington says he will give his Senate campaign at least $5 million.

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