Sarajevo's daily newspaper now has English edition

SARAJEVO'S only remaining daily newspaper has been published in the United States in English.

Some 30,000 translated editions of Oslobodenje or ``Liberation'' rolled off presses April 22 in Bel Air, Md., and were distributed to Congressional offices, embassies, and activist groups nationwide.

Oslobodenje has continued printing a daily edition in Sarajevo despite paper and ink shortages and mortar and sniper fire. Five employees have been killed and injured 20 in the two-year conflict.

The English edition will be distributed internationally, according to Beverly Britton-Elkashef, founder of the Lifeline Network, a Bosnia relief agency in Alexandria, Va. Of the $2 selling price, $1.50 will be donated to the Sarajevo edition to help with its $2,000 daily operating costs.

Articles are translated by volunteers. Funding sources include individuals, other Bosnia relief groups, and a $5,000 grant from the Harvey and Lynn Meyerhoff Philanthropic Fund in Baltimore. The Los Angeles Times Co. donated the press run.

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