Kaliningrad: Too Close for Comfort

Regarding the opinion-page article ``This Tiny Russian Enclave in Europe Could Explode,'' April 6. I appreciate the Monitor as the first major newspaper I know of that has addressed the problem of Kaliningrad Oblast, an anomaly on the map of Europe which no one else in American politics or the press wants to recognize as a source of future problems.

I have written numerous letters to members of Congress on the Foreign Relations, Armed Services, Appropriations, and other committees, and I have yet to receive a reply which even mentions Kaliningrad.

During a televised panel discussion, former Secretary of Defense Harold Brown suggested that the Russian armies had been moved ``600 miles eastward.'' Apparently he was unaware of the Kaliningrad military base. Kaliningrad, in fact, lies 200 to 300 miles from a number of European capitals. Perhaps ``political correctness'' keeps Germany from objecting that a motorized Russian spearhead could leave Kaliningrad and arrive in Berlin the same day.

What is the reason for the official blackout on the topic of Kaliningrad? V. Racenis, Kenmore, N.Y.

School seeks readers' postcards

I am a student at Kingsbury Elementary School in LaPorte, Ind., near Lake Michigan.

During the week of May 23-27, we will be celebrating Kingsbury Education Week, focusing on the importance of reading and writing. We are asking readers to respond by sending a picture postcard or other information that you may have about your town or area. We plan to display this information in our hallways at school. We hope you will decide to help us with this exciting project. Our address is listed below. Thank you!

Mrs. Kendall's Second Grade

Kingsbury Elementary School

0802 West 400 South

LaPorte, IN 46350 Nicholas Logan, LaPorte, Ind.

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