Breast-feeding freedom

I have greatly enjoyed the Monitor's articles on solutions for young children while mothers work - an excellent topic for highlighting the International Year of the Family.

Regarding the article ``Sanvita Program Promotes Breast-Feeding By Mothers,'' March 1: Certainly a program which makes it easier for babies to receive human milk is appreciated, and pumping during working hours helps keep the non-working-hour breast-feeding relationship intact. But it is sad that our culture is so baby unfriendly that so often a pump and bottle (or worse, formula and bottle) have to substitute for a fully breast-feeding relationship and the numerous advantages for mother and child this relationship offers.

A second article ``When Offices Double As Nurseries,'' April 7, points out that it is possible even for working mothers to actually breast-feed their babies. As our society becomes more baby friendly, we can find creative ways to keep mother and child together to a much greater extent while the mother works or otherwise goes about her daily activities. This togetherness benefits mothers who do not choose to breast-feed as well.

True liberation of women does not require them to deny their motherhood to be full participants in our society. Elizabeth A. Graser, Honolulu

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