Hawaii state workers strike

MORE than 13,000 state and county workers went on strike yesterday in Honolulu after rejecting the offer of a 4 percent pay raise over two years.

The strike was to close all public libraries and curtail service at most state and county offices and health and dental clinics. Police, fire service, and most public schools will not be affected.

Strikers want a minimum 8 percent raise over two years. It is the first time in 60 years the Hawaii Government Employees Association has called a strike, according to HGEA executive director, Russell Okata. Other government workers, including nurses, school teachers, and firefighters accepted the 4 percent offer. Finland to join NATO's Partnership

NEUTRAL Finland formally decided yesterday to join NATO's Partnership for Peace program.

``Finland supports the general goals of the Partnership for Peace, which serve stability and a development of cooperatively based security in Europe,'' a Foreign Ministry memorandum said. ``Finland is primarily a donating partner and does not seek any new defense solutions in a partnership for peace.''

Partnership for Peace provides for limited military cooperation between NATO and former Warsaw Pact adversaries. All non-NATO countries in Europe were invited to join the program launched by the Western alliance three months ago.

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