Free Housing For Families of '96 Olympians

A COALITION of Atlanta churches is trying to provide free housing for families of Olympic athletes during the 1996 Games.

AT&T, which has sponsored programs to send families of United States athletes to previous Olympics, is leading an effort to bring families from around the world to Atlanta. The corporation plans to arrange discounted air fares, local transportation, and a local hospitality center.

A broad-based multifaith organization called Atlanta HOST is working on locating housing. ``There's a wide network of people who are genuinely interested in providing hospitality out of a spirit of giving back to the community, without getting anything in return,'' said Dale Jones, an organizer. Tee for two

MOLLY O'DEA plans to stand on the first hole at her country club Saturday morning and give a last whack to the tradition of male-only tee times.

The Xerox Corp. executive won satisfaction last Monday after filing the first complaint under Florida's 1993 law barring discrimination at certain private clubs. The state attorney general's office notified the Cheval Country Club that reserving prime tee times for men is now illegal.

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